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Meet PEC


Cindy Cameron, Administrative Assistant Supervisor at PEC Field Services, has been an animal lover her whole life. She’s a volunteer for PALS Animal Rescue. PALS is an organization of volunteers who place animals into qualified homes. Most animals are rescued from the Wichita Animal Shelter.

PALS helps a limited number of animals from private individuals who, due to hardships, can no longer care for their pets. One hundred percent of all donations go towards medical expenses, supplies and advertising of PALS animals.

Cameron has been a PALS volunteer since 2005. “I’ve fostered over 50 dogs in my home – not all at once!” she says.

Cameron fosters the animals until PALS can find their forever homes. Animal fostering involves taking an animal in need temporarily into your home and making them a part of your pack. They are taught manners and socialized, so they’re ready for their new family when they do get adopted.

“It’s always hard giving them up, but it’s worth it knowing they’re going to a loving home. I had one little guy two years before we found the right home for him,” says Cameron.

Cameron also helps with the pet showings at local pet stores. “We show our dogs and cats twice a month at local pet stores on Saturday afternoons for those interested in adopting,” she says.  There are usually available PALS cats at the local PetSmart stores.

PALS mainly works with adult dogs, but on occasion will have puppies and other animals such as birds, snakes, guinea pigs and more. Cameron recalls a llama and several miniature donkeys that were adopted through PALS last year.

Per Cameron’s request, PEC contributes to one of PALS’ semi-monthly Saturday ads in the Wichita Eagle.