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Landscape Architecture

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The Right Place at the Right Time

A strong sense of place makes your project successful

At Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC), we provide landscape architectural place-making that will meet your budget, schedule and demographics – the right place at the right time.

Put the Power of Our Team to Work for You We have designers and engineers fully engaged throughout the design process. This knowledge and expertise provides a cohesive design that works for your neighborhood and your community. At PEC, our national award-winning specialists offer a complete package of landscape architecture services. Our staff includes:

Nationally recognized landscape architects.






Lighting designers


Visual Artists

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In house expertise that translates into time and cost savings

In addition to our landscape architect team, the functionality of the site regarding drainage, access, lighting, traffic, and other engineering components will be performed in house.

At PEC, our specialists offer a complete package of landscape architecture services. Together we create experiential designs that are unique, exciting, comfortable, and memorable – places where people want to live, work, shop, and play.

Client Focused Approach

We focus on the needs and wants of our clients and then provide the expertise to create the right solution. With PEC’s multi-discipline approach to Landscape Architecture, clients experience convenience, efficiency, economy and accuracy. Our services include:

7 11 – PhotoLT Landscape Architecture/ Site Design

parks, open spaces, playgrounds, urban design, sports complexes, streetscapes, bike paths, open space, fountains, planting/irrigation design, environmental graphics, signage

Pec Featured Projects Warren Riverview Large 01 Planning and Analysis

master planning, conceptual design, marketing graphics, feasibility studies, floodplain/drainage studies, infrastructure analysis

STA 0470 Final Civil Engineering

site development drainage design, infrastructure design, utility documentation, rights-of-way, platting and zoning

Discovery Lab open house Public Outreach

public meetings, social media outreach campaigns, surveys, charrettes, workshops, media contacts, virtual engagement, creative opportunities

4 2 11 – Photo Survey and Geotechnical

ALTA/topographic/site/boundary surveys, geotechnical investigations, soil reports

Expanding the Vision; Creating Unique Experiences; Kick-starting Growth


Our process is built around interactive design workshops in which team members are encouraged to listen, learn from each other’s experiences, express feedback, and fully participate in the design. Through these efforts, we develop informed recommendations that are uniquely  appropriate for the project at hand.

We are committed to developing compelling projects that are well managed, cost-effective, and which reflect the spirit and character of your community.



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We build trust, facilitate discussion, create buy-in, and deliver with transparency

We integrate community and stakeholder engagement into the planning and design process to ensure the design reflects the conversations we have with the community. We don’t just check the box on community engagement. We strategically integrate engagement into our design process, utilize the feedback, and build trust within the community.

Our philosophy for engagement is to build trust —

  • Trust in the people
  • Trust in the project
  • Trust in the process