Civil Engineering

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Designing Quality of Life

From providing clean water to ensuring citizens can travel safely, to operating an aging water treatment plant less expensively, Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) is ready to tackle your civil engineering needs.

Civil Engineering Services

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Transportation Engineering

The safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and services is essential to our economy. We provide all the any necessary planning, study and design services for all types of city street, county road, major highway, bridge, parking or airport projects.

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Water/Wastewater Engineering

The need for quality drinking water and being at the forefront of water and wastewater treatment, distribution, and collection technologies is becoming more critical with increased regulations and funding demands. PEC offers full services for water/wastewater treatment, collection, distribution, pumping systems, beneficial reuse, and storage systems.

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City Engineering

As part of our dedication to the communities around us, we are committed to providing city engineering services to our municipal clients. Our approach is to provide only the services desired and needed by each individual client, with our approach customized based on the specific needs of the community.

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Planning is a process. It engages the right people, presents vital data, paints a clear picture of the future and sets out rational and practical steps for success. PEC offers a full range of planning related services, which is a natural outgrowth of the engineering services that we have traditionally provided.

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GIS and Mapping

Geographic Information Systems or GIS helps to improve workflows and integrate data into more effective processes. GIS makes translating information more efficient for more informed decisions. PEC will collect, manage, and analyze your data or set up an internal GIS system for you to manage.

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Landscape Architecture

We create experiential designs that are individually unique, exciting, comfortable, and memorable — places where people want to live, work, and play. Our complete package of landscape architecture services focus on the client’s needs and desires to provide designs for parks, open spaces, streetscapes, and sport complexes.

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Site and Land Development Engineering

PEC provides a wealth of knowledge and skill from a single source for our development and site design clients. We provide services from conception of residential, commercial, or industrial developments which include zoning, platting, petitions, and all site design for grading, drainage, parking, landscaping and utilities.

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Aviation Engineering

With our headquarters located in the “Air Capital of the World,” we have a focus on aviation related projects and clients. Our expertise includes planning, lighting, runway and taxiway projects for large and small communities, as well as aviation clients.


What Our Team is Saying

"Most people think of civil engineering as just concrete, dirt, asphalt and pipes. I see good roads, safe communities and clean drinking water. We touch people's lives daily more than any other type of engineering."
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"Everything that goes into the air or water affects the environment— it ripples out. That’s why I chose environmental engineering. Every project we do for clients, no matter how small, makes everyone’s quality of life better."
Sarah Unruh, Municipal Service Division quote

Let’s Talk

We’re just a phone call or message away. Contact PEC headquarters at 316.262.2691 or visit our contact page to get started.