Architectural Engineering

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From Imagination to Reality

For more than 50 years, Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) has been delivering comprehensive architectural engineering services. Our work takes us across the nation and around the world to design an increasing variety of projects — all the way from imagination to reality.

Architectural Engineering Services (MEPS)

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Mechanical Engineering

PEC provides mechanical engineering services, including system analysis, mechanical system design, plumbing system design, and building systems commissioning.

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Electrical Engineering

From electrical systems, specialty lighting, power distribution, audio-visual systems, to communication/low voltage systems, security systems and sustainable design, PEC has an array of electrical engineering services to fit your needs.

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Structural Engineering

PEC provides structural engineering services, including the design of building and non-building structures, specialized design, specialty equipment for non-destructive investigations, structural assessments and post-design services.

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Power & Process Engineering

The Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) power and process engineering team delivers services related to the operation, maintenance and management of specialized industrial facilities including refineries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, fractionation plants, renewables plants, power plants, chemical plants, oil/gas facilities and other process plants.

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Sustainable Engineering Solutions

PEC is committed to the ideals of environmental stewardship and common sense sustainable design. Long before sustainable was fashionable, PEC was designing energy efficient systems because it was the right thing to do. Our award-winning designs and experienced professionals encourage an open dialogue about sustainable solutions that are creative, affordable, and practical for our culture and our communities.

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