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PEC Tulsa Brings in New Transportation Lead- Barrick Rosenbaum

Headshot of Barrick Rosenbaum PEC's Transportation Team Lead for Tulsa With over 238,000 lane miles in the state, transportation design is a huge priority in Oklahoma. To support that effort, Professional Engineering Consultants, PA (PEC) is excited to announce Barrick Rosenbaum as its new transportation Practice lead in Tulsa. Rosenbaum brings an outstanding pedigree of over 23 years of civil engineering experience including client and business development and project management.

Rosenbaum is looking forward to meeting the personnel in the PEC Tulsa office and helping with business and team efforts. His first priority in the new role is clear. “I want to be an integral part of the transportation team and feel like team members can always ask me for assistance where needed,” he said.

No stranger to leadership roles in the transportation sector, Rosenbaum was the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) representative at his previous firm; he was also a senior engineer for the City of Tulsa.

Burt Morey, PEC’s SVP of Transportation, is looking forward to having Rosenbaum on board. “Barrick has a long history of transportation work in Oklahoma. He has a solid grasp of the expectations of the ODOT regarding design and plan content.”

With PEC working on multiple ODOT projects going at any given time, timeliness and efficiency are key. “Having someone with his years of experience in our Tulsa office will enable our team to respond to our transportation clients even quicker and more effectively,” Morey continued.