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Not all engineering careers are alike, and not all engineering firms are alike. If you like to solve problems, serve clients and bring big dreams to life, we’d like to talk to you about an internship with Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC)!

  • New Experiences
  • Serve Clients
  • Solve Problems
  • Have Fun

Engineering Internships and More

PEC offers internships in a full range of engineering services, materials testing and field work. Please see our current career opportunities here and filter by internships. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to careers @ We look forward to speaking with you.

Resume and Interview Tips

PEC Join Our Team Internships For The Adventurous Resume
  • Include an “Objective” or “Professional Summary” in your resume that highlights your areas of expertise as they relate to the position you are trying to get.
  • Include your education with details about where you went to school, the degree you received and your major(s)/minor(s). If you are in the process of attending school, include this information.
  • Include brief details about your job duties or accomplishments at each job you have held.
  • Highlight special skills or competencies.
  • Include professional references (at least three is best).
PEC Join Our Team Internships For The Adventurous Visual Accordion Two Column Interview Interview
  • Be prepared. For in-person interviews, bring extra copies of your resume for other attendees of the meeting.
  • Be punctual. For in-person interviews, be approximately 15 minutes early.
  • Be professional. For in-person interviews, dress professionally and make eye contact with the other attendees of the meeting.
  • Follow up. After your interview, send a thank-you note or email. It is acceptable to follow up about the decision, but do not try to rush the process.

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Interested in an internship at PEC? Contact our Human Resources department at 316.262.2691 or visit our contact page to get started.