Shaping the Future of Education

With nearly six decades of experience designing and engineering instructional spaces, PEC has used this insight to help shape the future of education. The needs of students are what inspires us to do our best work and guides the way we work today. Our core values and consistent work ethic combined with creative, cutting-edge designs hope to encourage the leaders of tomorrow.

Education goals are always evolving. We want to be a trusted partner, design resource, and dedicated advocate while you achieve those goals in the space we create.

We approach our work holistically. It’s not just about one part; it’s about the whole project being successful. We ask, “What will serve students, teachers, and parents best?” Across all our departments, we are ready to work together as one collaborative team to bring your project to fruition.

Building Blocks of Communities

Learning centers are the building blocks of our communities. High-performing specialists and multi-disciplinary teams will deliver world-class engineering solutions rooted in local culture. We have close ties to the communities we serve; we are motivated by this connection. Our dedicated professionals design forward-thinking environments with your students in mind. It’s all about building exciting spaces that will foster fresh ideas, long-lasting friendships, and insightful learning to move our world forward.

PEC has established relationships and extensive experience across the education market. From pre-K, primary, and secondary schools to colleges and universities, our goal is to create stimulating, collaborative, and safe learning environments in private and public settings.

Shaping the future of education K-12

Select Clients

  • Holy Savior Catholic Academy | Wichita, KS
  • USD 206 Remington School District | Whitewater, KS
  • USD 257 Iola School District | Iola, KS
  • USD 259 Wichita Public School District | Wichita, KS
  • USD 260 Derby School District | Derby, KS
  • USD 261 Haysville School District | Haysville, KS
  • USD 264 Clearwater School District | Clearwater, KS
  • USD 265 Goddard School District | Goddard, KS
  • USD 266 Maize School District | Maize, KS
  • USD 267 Renwick School District | Andale, Colwich, Garden Plain, and St. Marks, KS
  • USD 385 Andover School District | Andover, KS
Pec Featured Projects WSU Rhatigan Large 02 Higher Education

Select Clients

  • California State University | San Bernardino, CA
  • College State University | Monterey Bay, CA
  • Colorado State University | Fort Collins, CO
  • Kansas State University | Manhattan, KS
  • Pittsburg State University | Pittsburg, KS
  • Tulsa University | Tulsa, OK
  • University of Kansas | Lawrence, KS
  • University of North Texas | Denton, TX
  • University of Wisconsin | Oshkosh, WI
  • Wichita State University | Wichita, KS