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At Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC), we like to keep it simple. Sure, we’ve got a variety of divisions that specialize in all sorts of inspections, testing, analysis and more. Basically, though, you just need to know that we have the capability to ensure quality through testing… and that means you can rest easy.

  • Control Quality
  • Operate to Specifications
  • Meet OPR

Quality and Testing Services

PEC Capabilities Quality Testing Visual Accordion Inspection 01 Inspection

PEC inspection and testing personnel know what is essential to a successful project. Having a team member at the site to relay instructions and interpretations and to provide more insight can keep a project moving, avoiding costly delays, and can provide effective review of construction activities necessary for final completion.

  • Underground Utilities
  • Soils for Excavations and Embankments
  • Concrete and Asphalt Pavement and Subgrades/Subbases
  • Structures with Major Foundations and Reinforcing
  • Drainage Structure
  • Water/wastewater Treatment System and Facilities
  • Airports
PEC Capabilities Quality Testing Visual Accordion Materials Test 02 Materials Testing

PEC has provided quality construction materials testing and special inspections for over 40 years. Our team of engineers and technicians are highly trained to provide quality services our clients depend on.

Our service offerings include onsite testing of soils, concrete, reinforcing steel, asphalt, masonry, structural steel elements and connections. In addition to our field related services, PEC also offers complete laboratory services for soil, concrete, mortar, grout, CMU block, welder qualifications and certifications, and asphalt.

At PEC we are your one-stop shop from concept to completion on projects ranging from commercial developments, State DOT’s, local streets, military, schools, hospitals and airports, just to name a few.

At PEC we can assist you with any, or all, of the following:

  • Shallow Foundation Observation
  • Deep Foundation Observation
  • Engineered Placement and Compaction
  • Structural Masonry Observation
  • Structural Steel Observation
  • Non-destructive Testing of Welded Connections
  • Concrete Placement and Testing
  • Asphalt Placement and Testing
  • Concrete Mix Designs
  • Asphalt Mix Designs
  • Aggregate Qualities
  • Fireproofing Testing and Observation
  • Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness
  • DOT Laboratory Verification
  • IBC Special Inspections

Our laboratory takes pride in that we go above and beyond to maintain the highest-level of quality. We are an AASHTO, AMRL, CCRL and COE accredited laboratory in a wide range of ASTM test procedures. This means the tests we run and the results you get are accurate and complete with the highest level of quality within our industry.

PEC Capabilities Quality Testing Visual Accordion Commissioning 04 Commissioning and Retro-commissioning
  • Commissioning
    Ensure that your facility meets the owner’s project requirements (OPR). PEC’s commissioning includes inspection of all your building’s major systems, including HVAC, lighting, fire/life safety systems, building automation systems, generators, compressed air systems and telecommunications.
  • Retro-commissioning
    Older facilities can benefit from retro-commissioning, which involves improving your current building systems’ performance.

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