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New sculpture displays unique electrical LED design, marks milestone for Wichita Art Museum

New sculpture displays unique electrical LED design

Reimaging the everyday takes creativity, collaboration, and commitment; so, when Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) was presented with a unique opportunity to reimagine  the electrical systems of a local art project, that is exactly what we set out to do.

Recently unveiled at the Wichita Art Museum, the featured project titled, Living History was designed by nationally recognized artist, Beth Lipman. The 3-ton sculpture features illumination by 3000 kelvin LED lights and is suspended upside down within the Boeing Foyer.

While Lipman designed the sculpture, made of glass, wood, ceramic, and metal; the electrical team at PEC played an integral role in the design-build process. The sculpture stands at 10 feet tall, is fourteen feet long, and suspends 10 feet above the viewers height.

The project  took 6 months to complete and due to its nature came with a set of unique challenges. The sculpture, which was originally designed to weigh 2-tons, weighed 3-tons in the end. This was in part due to the customized lighting system which saw many changes prior to completion.

Illuminated by LED technology, the structure’s electrical system  allows for dimming and multifunction settings along with options for mixing of color temperatures. Its uniqueness and the direct visual impact it has on our community make this project one of our favorites. We hope you get the chance to experience it.