Tenwek Hospital Cardiothoracic Center

Progress photo of Tenwek hospital

Bomet County, Kenya

This new 7-story, 100+ bed facility will literally touch the heart of patients many throughout eastern, central, and sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Tenwek CTC Hospital will be the largest heart surgery center in the region. It is supporting the local workforce with the production of the cement blocks being used to construct the building. It emphasizes green design and aligns with our core values of energizing communities, do the right thing, and add value everyday by working side by side with the local engineering design firms to educate them on western healthcare design best practices. The new facility will also include a space allocated to Tenwek’s mission to teach surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses how to perform these procedures so that they can go to other regions of Africa and care for those in need.

The facility will contain clinical spaces, a pharmacy, general patient wards, an endoscopy suite, and a surgery suite with a Hybrid Cath Lab. The Center will focus on two main health problems in the region: Esophageal Cancer and Congenital Heart Disease.

More than 30% of all cancer in the region is esophageal, and the mean life expectancy for untreated cases is 26 years.

The most common form of heart disease treated at Tenwek is Rheumatic Heart Disease.  This disease is the most common in children aged 5 to 15. The current waiting list is over 500 patients. The current center only allows for 6 surgeries per week.

SF: 324,000

Construction Completion Date: Currently in Construction