Confidential Aviation Client Administration Building Server Room Upgrade

Passenger aircraft on maintenance of engine and fuselage repair in airport hangar.

Wichita, KS

The client needed to increase the capacity and reliability of an existing server room in the basement of the Administration Office Building without shutting down the server vault. The existing server room had a raised floor with a height of six inches and the equipment was cooling inefficiently due to the restrictive locations of the computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units. With little redundancy/backup provided in the cooling system, the combination of cooling inefficiencies and zinc whisker contamination from the existing raised floor caused data processing equipment failures. The only redundancy to the existing electrical system was two server connections from different electrical panel boards.

PEC designed new electrical and mechanical equipment to provide the least impact to the existing room data services. The new electrical system consisted of two 1600A, 480V services fed from two different medium voltage unit substations. The feeds were connected to an automatic throw over (ATO) switchboard. Internally, the ATO fed two, UPS distribution switchboards. The UPSs fed electrical panelboards within the room that fed the dual-corded servers. Single-corded equipment was fed from a static automatic transfer switch that switched power from the two UPSs.

All power sources provided full redundancy to increase uptime and maintainability. A metering/monitoring system was installed to provide early problem notice to maintenance personnel. A battery monitoring system was provided on each UPS to help with early detection of battery failures. CRAC units were connected to the existing chilled water system and the second was connected to an existing condensing water system. The condensing water system was also provided with three-way valves to connect to the domestic water system. This provided multiple cooling sources in the event of anyone cooling source failure. PEC also provided commissioning of the electrical power, control and mechanical systems to prove full functionality of those systems.

SF: 2,600

Construction Completion Date: 2009