77th & Broadway

77th And Broadway

Park City, KS

As part of a joint project, The City of Park City and Valley Center, Kansas, along with assistance from Sedgwick County, made an overwhelming impact on community growth, the safety of transportation, and the promotion of economic development for both cities and the entire northeast Sedgwick County region by collaborating on the recent addition of a roundabout at the intersection of Ford Street (77th Street) and Broadway.

Ford Street serves as the main access road between Park City and Valley Center as well as to and from I-35 for Valley Center residents. This road is utilized by dozens of companies, thousands of employees, and residents as a commuter route, a means to go to and from school, a truck delivery route, and serves the 81 Speedway, Hartman Arena, and the Kansas Coliseum. The project encompassed the improvement of an offset intersection, access issues for businesses, and intersection control methods at a dangerous intersection between the two cities.


In 2021, Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC), as City Engineers for Valley Center, Kansas, designed the intersection improvements, and Dondlinger Construction was selected through a competitive bid. The completed improvements have made a significant impact on the area. Safety has been top-of-mind throughout the project. Thus, incorporating a roundabout model boasting a potential 50-90% reduction in collisions was a priority. This improvement played an instrumental part in a multinational technology and e-commerce company’s decision to build a one-million-square-foot facility close by and bring more than 500 new jobs to the community.

A unique elliptical design was required for the geometry due to existing utilities that were unable to be relocated, limited right-of-way acquisition, an existing stream crossing directly to the west of the intersection, and an existing detention pond on the northeast corner. Due to the creek crossing on the west side of the intersection and an RCB structure that was required on the east side of the intersection, a unique grading design was required to hold hydraulic over-topping elevations to the west and grade to match an existing shallow ditch to the east.

Design services, utility coordination, and construction efforts were completed on a compressed schedule to ensure the intersection would be operational in time for delivery truck peak use during the end-of-year holiday seasons.


Construction Completion Date: 2021

Cost: $1,500,000.00


Construction Administration

Engineering Design

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Municipal Transportation

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