Running for the heart
PEC project engineer Lynn Moore has always been physically active. He completed countless 5Ks, marathons and even ultra marathons. While running in the 2012 Head for the Cure 5K, Moore felt an unexpected pain in his chest. He kept running. Three days later, that pain was diagnosed as a heart attack.
From the town up
We love this video provided by our friends at Westar Energy. After an EF5 tornado demolished Greensburg, Kansas, its future was uncertain. We're proud to say we became a key catalyst in the town's successful recovery and dramatic re-creation as an award-winning example of green design.
Groundwater stakeholder workshop - a holistic approach to groundwater resource development and management
The GROUNDWATER STAKEHOLDER WORKSHOP is being held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the South Central Section of the Geological Society of America. Wednesday, March 18, 2015 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Oklahoma State University 4th Floor of the Student Union Stillwater, Oklahoma Go to the link below to register for the workshop and meeting. Registrants may choose to only attend the workshop or may register to attend the entire 3-day event. Climate change, drought, competition for the same or limited water resources, increasingly stringent regulations and complex legal and political issues make it imperative that a multi-disciplined approach be implemented to resolve water resource challenges. The science of Geology in development of natural resources is well known to the petroleum and mining industries, but the discipline’s role in management of groundwater resources and formulation of policy is often overlooked and poorly understood by political, municipal and government stakeholders. Geology is an applied science which draws upon a variety of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, statistics and other scientific disciplines. Therefore, geologists play an important role in protecting public health and safety and are uniquely qualified to provide the specialized expertise needed to ensure successful exploitation, development and management of groundwater resources. The purpose of this workshop is to inform groundwater stakeholders about the role geologists play in groundwater resource planning and to discuss issues related to groundwater management, conservation, water reuse and the changing dynamics of public financing.