Clair Donnelly Amphitheater & Community Park

Exterior shot of the Maize Clair Donnelley Amphitheatre, in Maize Ks

Maize, KS

The primary element of the master plan was to incorporate a new outdoor amphitheater. The amphitheater was the dream of Clair Donnelly, the beloved late mayor of Maize, Kansas,

It needed to be adaptable, a place to host various events, from concerts and performances to farmers’ markets, food trucks, art fairs, and special events.

The most crucial element of the amphitheater was to memorialize the legacy of Clair Donnelly, a true community leader who played an integral part in creating the vision for the theater. Maize wanted to use the park as an opportunity to honor Mayor Donnelly.

The cover features solid and semi-transparent panels to let light in while offering protection from the weather. The side sections include tongue and groove wood decking underneath to incorporate natural materials and enhance the design.

The stage of the amphitheater is the centerpiece of the Maize master plan. It can comfortably seat an orchestra of 60 yet would not be overwhelming for a band of three. A prominent light fixture descends from the middle of the stage, offering an ambiance and beaming light throughout the structure and adjacent water tower.

The primary focus of the design was the loudspeaker system. The objective was to design a system that balanced form and function.

Construction Completion Date: 2022

Construction Cost: $2,300,000.00


Electrical Engineering

Landscape Architecture

Mechanical Engineering

Structural Engineering