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Surveyors: Get started on the right foot.

Wheather you're beginning a new construction project or need reliable information, Professional Engineering Consultants, PA (PEC) is the place to start.

Successful projects start with accurate information – that’s what the surveyors at PEC provide. Whether surveying for private companies, federal agencies or local public authorities, our Surveyors' precise instrumentation and experienced crews supply the digital data necessary for seamless design.

Our crews are equipped with the latest technology in automated data collection and measurement systems – including 3D laser scanning — for immediate electronic transfer. Our staff uses global positioning satellite (GPS) receivers for coordinate calculations and employ the latest robotic survey equipment. 

Surveying is not about the process — it’s about the flawless interpretation of information. That’s where our size and training benefits you the most.

Our survey team in Wichita, Topeka, and Pittsburg, Kansas emphasizes experience and training to get it right the first time for all our survey-related services including: 

  • 3D Laser Scanning and Data Management
  • GPS Technology 
  • Robotic Survey Equipment 
  • Topographic Mapping and Site Surveys 
  • Property, Right-of-way and Boundary Surveys 
  • Legal Descriptions and Easements 
  • Construction Staking 
  • Ground Control for Aerial Photography 
  • Preliminary Engineering Design Surveys 
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys 
  • Architectural Surveys 
  • Lot Surveys and No-start Certification 
  • Transmission Route Surveys 
  • As-Built Surveys 
  • Volumetric Surveys

3D scanning. It's safe, speedy and accurate.

PEC has the solution for surveying challenging locations, while producing accurate data in an easily manipulated, high resolution format – a great way to define existing conditions for almost any project.

With 3D scanning, we give our clients even more control!

  • Three dimensional data comes right to your desktop
  • Rapid data collection minimizes site disruptions
  • Costly acquisition of additional data is reduced
  • Precise data permits precise design – no matter what the project
  • Detailed measurement allows reverse design of aesthetic features
  • Remote sensing maximizes personnel safety
  • Enables intermediate quality control during construction