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Seeing through concrete is one of our superpowers

Renovating existing structures can be tricky if the original engineering drawings are lost or unavailable.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and 3-D scanning can help you avoid the costly mistake of hitting embedded pipe, reinforcement or conduit during remodeling or rehabilitation.

Our GPR process can locate pipe or conduit penetrations through existing concrete floors. It can also tell you the thickness of the floor slab, and help estimate load capacity.

Below is a scan done during a renovation. The green cylinders are proposed core drilled penetrations. White rods are embedded electrical conduit, and pink rods are the reinforcement bars. We also verified that the floor has a seven inch total thickness.

Before your next renovation—look deeper.

  • locate embedded conduit, reinforcement, pipe or other embedded items
  • identify amount and relative size of reinforcement
  • estimate floor capacity

We can do GPR on structural concrete floors, elevated slabs, concrete and masonry walls, or slabs-on-grade.