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Disaster recovery shouldn't be disastrous

No community is immune to disasters or crises. But the steps taken after disaster strikes can determine how quickly and completely your city recovers, resumes basic services, and begins to rebuild.

Step 1: assessment

Immediately after a disaster occurs, damage assessment can begin. Our damage assessment team, trained through the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) will determine which structures need shoring, which are unsafe, and what should be scheduled for demolition.

Step 2: recovery

After the dust has settled, our recovery team steps in. They're expert in helping communities with planning, design of infrastructure and utilities, surveying, and how to comprehensively incorporate green engineering as you put your town back together.

Step 3: re-creation

After an EF5 tornado hit Greensburg, KS in 2007, we became a key catalyst in the town's successful recovery and dramatic re-creation as an award-winning example of green design.

We hope you don't need our disaster management and recovery services. But if you do . . . we're ready to roll up our sleeves.


Thank you to our friends at Westar Energy for providing this video.

Greensburg, KS tornado destruction
Power being restored to Greensburg, KS