Preventing flash. The bad kind.

Arc flash is the sudden release of extreme heat and energy from energized equipment or electrical distribution systems. It can result in serious injury or death.

Not good.

Arc flash studies give you a comprehensive computer model of your facility's electrical distribution system. Arc flash levels can then be identified, and protective measures and equipment can be provided.

And just like that, you reduce the potential for a life-threatening accident. The result: OSHA compliance and a safer workplace.

We do other studies and special services, which include:

  • short circuit
  • selective coordination
  • load flow
  • power factor correction
  • substations
  • medium voltage O.H.
  • U.G. power distribution up to 34.5KV
12.47KV to 480V double ended unit substation
34.5KV to 480V double ended unit substation