Plymouth Place

Photo of pool at Plymouth Place

Chicago, IL

Sixty years ago, Plymouth Place opened its doors to those looking for a retirement community in the Chicago area. In 2023, Plymouth Place had a vision for an expansion that including 59 new villas and a state-of-the-art Center for Healthy Living. PEC provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design for this expansion.

In the winter of 2024 following construction and grand opening, PEC received questions about humidity levels and condensation on windows and window frames in the newly constructed pool and hot tub area. The PEC team did preliminary investigation by first reviewing the design and installation, refamiliarizing themselves with the plans, and verifying the information in the shop drawings for the equipment provided by the contractor for the project.

After review of the available information, PEC determined that commissioning services were necessary to improve the operation of the systems to answer the questions of the owner. A member of PEC’s mechanical and commissioning team gathered up the instruments needed and prepared for a trip to Chicago to complete the on-site commissioning services needed. Commissioning requires listening to any concerns of the owner and effective communication with the client, owner’s representative, and all involved contractors.

On the first day on site, each of the contractors gathered on site to see how PEC would tackle the Plymouth Place concerns. The issue was in a pool and hot tub area of the retirement community. The clientele in this community relies on areas to be safe while in use. A damp area can create a safety hazard that could result in an injury.

PEC proceeded to coach everyone from the mechanical contractor to the balance technicians, and the owner on how to correct the problem. During the visit, PEC did several small things to tweak the system and provided guidance to all involved on how and why this was necessary. The technicians on site were amazed at the functionality and controllability that was not being used prior to our visit.

After a couple of days of investigation, adjusting and educating, all parties including the owner’s on-site engineer, the contractor team, and the residents were amazed and quite happy with the results.



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