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Ford street improvements generate wet and dry stormwater detention ponds

Ford Street Reconstruction
  • Municipal
  • Valley Center, KS

This 5,000 LF, municipal street reconstruction project was not your typical street improvement project. Yes, it included demolishing and reconstructing a new street with sidewalk, grading, stormwater sewer and landscaping… But this project, funded by the City of Valley Center through their sales tax program, also included two bridge replacements, as well as the design of a 10-acre wet pond and 30-acre dry pond with a 5,700 gpm stormwater pump station.

PEC’s engineering design included the replacement of both the Ford Street Bridge and the 5th Street Bridge over the Wichita Valley Center Floodway East Branch Chisholm Creek with a 4-lane bridge including pedestrian pathway at Ford Street and 3-lane bridge including pedestrian pathway at 5th Street. PEC designed both bridges to comply with future levee certification.

Services Provided:

  • transportation engineering
  • municipal engineering
  • bridge design
  • street design
  • utility design
  • storm sewer design
  • curb and gutter design
  • grading design
  • survey engineering
  • geotechnical engineering