Decarsky Park Sports Complex

Exterior Decarsky Park Sports

Derby, KS


The Decarsky Park Sports Complex design includes eight ball fields, concessions, restrooms, a dog park, and stormwater management constructed on a 63 acre site west of Rock Road and midway between Chet Smith Avenue and 95th Street South in Derby.

To start the planning process, PEC and Jim Arnold (formerly with the Sports Force), explained what was involved in the design process and conducted a group activity during the public meeting to work on field layouts and concessions. The City also gathered input via social media by hosting a Facebook page with running conversations on ideas for the park.

The park’s main mission is to provide numerous ball fields along with a dog park. Parking concession, and restroom areas are planned along with shade trees and a walking path. The park features field orientations that maximize sun orientation, a central parking area and central open space for setting up tents during tournaments.

Size: 63 acres

Construction Completion Date: 2019

Construction Cost: $7,200,000.00


Civil Engineering

Gateway Design

Landscape Architecture

Project Management

Public Outreach

Signage Design

Site Master Planning

Storm Water Management