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Aircraft Engine Chemical Cleaning Facility Renovation

  • Air Force Base

The goal of the aircraft engine chemical cleaning facility on the Air Force Base was to provide the base with a new, state-of the- art, fully automated facility within building 3001 in which to perform the cleaning of aircraft engine components. This 20,000 SF facility replaced the existing 30-year-old facility on base, providing a quality, efficient space that enhances the mission effectiveness of the user groups and protects the environment from the chemicals used in the facility. PEC designed a programmed control system for the industrial waste system. The industrial waste control system controls all pumps and valves associated with the industrial waste tanks. This system includes transfer into the tanks from the process tanks or out of the tanks to the industrial waste line. The control system also incorporated instrumentation, such as level and temperature, to allow remote monitoring of the waste tanks’ status and condition on the HMI.

PEC provided Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, and Geotechnical engineering services for this project that was completed in December 2014.