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Pittsburg 20th and Broadway Intersection – Brian Coomes

Pittsburg broadwayRush-hour in Pittsburg, Kansas is no New York City, but waiting through three stoplights before getting a chance to go is irritating no matter where you live. Bad traffic conditions, deteriorated roads and frustrated drivers created a perfect storm daily at the 20th and Broadway intersection. Then PEC’s civil engineering team saved the day.

PEC’s support included traffic engineering, pavement reconstruction, waterline replacement, sanitary sewer relocation and storm water improvements. PEC also provided survey and geotechnical services.

The budget reflected the City of Pittsburg’s initial challenge to PEC, which was to widen the pavement to reduce traffic congestion. But when our team analyzed the project, engineers determined that simply widening the intersection would not fix the problem.

This solution wasn’t technically feasible because of grade changes and would not have been a good investment for Pittsburg. The intersection was going to need a lot more work – and more money.

To help the city understand our solution, PEC’s engineers walked through the technical aspects of the proposed design. Eventually, we were able to develop detailed cost estimates to help establish the new budget and even secure over twice as much funding from KDOT.

PEC’s engineers also assisted the city with field location of an existing critical communications duct bank and were able to modify the design to eliminate any disruption with the existing communications facilities.

“Before construction started, people were worried that the adjacent businesses could be harmed financially by the process” said PEC Municipal Transportation Engineer, Brian Coomes, “but because of the control and sequencing of the project, businesses continued to operate during construction and are still succeeding today.”

PEC had to devise a plan to install multiple underground utilities across the busiest business highway in southeast Kansas. PEC’s team used detailed traffic control and construction sequencing design to avoid disrupting the traffic flow.

“This high-profile project was accomplished with careful communication and collaboration with the City of Pittsburg, property owners and stakeholders,” said Coomes, “All of these entities worked together to help make the project a success.”