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PEC offers Health and Wellness incentives to employees

PEC partners with the Greater Wichita YMCA to provide wellness activities to all our employees. Our YMCA Wellness Coach, Miceah, visits with employees weekly. She also helps us, along with an internal wellness committee, manage PEC's Wellness Challenges and year-long incentive program.

Employees at all seven of our office locations participate in six wellness challenges and six wellness presentations. These cover all aspects of health: physical, emotional, medical, financial, nutrition and social. View the video below for info on the current wellness challenge.

PEC offers quarterly incentives to employees who complete wellness activities like annual physicals, participating in an organized race, volunteering, and so much more. The grand prize is an extra vacation day!

PEC also offers gym discounts to employees. Or those in the Wichita area can use the PEC Fun&Fitness center across the street from our headquarters at 300 S Topeka.