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Serving to make a difference

“I like being able to serve the parents and the families of church,” says Kelby Burton, Central Christian Church (CCC) volunteer and PEC design engineer.

Burton helps with Sunday school by watching children while their parents attend service. Being able to build relationships with families of the church is the most rewarding part of being a CCC volunteer for Burton.

One of the many reasons Burton enjoys volunteering at CCC is because it assists various organizations in the community including His Helping Hands (HHH). HHH is a community service ministry of CCC that helps those living in the Wichita and Sedgwick County areas who are facing insufferable hardships, such as victims of natural disasters, families living below the poverty line or families considered to be “at risk.”

HHH provides help to those families by distributing needed clothing, furniture and other household items at no cost. 

Burton has been a member of CCC since October 2014 and a volunteer since February 2015.