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BIM Hero Token Awarded To PEC VDC Specialist For Groundbreaking Technology

Don VenJohn
Don VenJohn Receives BIM Hero Token Of Appreciation

For over 20 years, Don VenJohn has been perfecting his craft of “solving problems” and building collaborative relationships within the architectural, MEP, and construction industries.

“Working with multiple firms throughout the years has given me a cradle-to-grave approach to develop new processes used within our firm.” VenJohn touted. It is that approach in addition to his in-depth knowledge of New Forge API that has allowed him to develop and streamline VDC and BIM processes and that led him to a BIM Hero Award.

The BIM Hero Award is a token of appreciation given by Bird Tools, a BIM Research & Development company that specializes in the development of productivity tools for several Autodesk® products such as Auto CAD and Revit, located in Ireland. The “Hero Token” is awarded to AEC thought leaders for their contribution to the industry. VenJohns Revit application makes PEC the first firm in history to use this type of time-saving technology.

VenJohn is described by his co-workers as knowledgeable, loyal, and helpful. “He is always willing to help, if you have a problem, he will set out to solve that problem on his own. He really wants to see everyone succeed,” said Colby Turybury, “In my opinion, he sets the bar,” He is so fascinated with what he does that he does not work a day in his life. He has incredible passion.”

VenJohn has submitted (2) classes to Autodesk University which educates more than ten thousand of the best and brightest innovators from the AEC industry. One of those innovators, Majd Makhlouf, founding manager of Bird Tools, partnered with Don after he found a minor bug preventing the Bird Tools software solution from delivering the expected outcome. Anyone else would have labeled it as useless and thrown it out, but Don was willing to exercise patience and work through the bug with Makhlouf. This would translate into an even better product that would save PEC both time and money.

From there, Dons’ innovative spirit took over, he suggested an unheard-of feature that required API endpoints that were not even available which pushed Makhlouf to go beyond every API offered. That feature is now utilized in an unreleased Forge API that PEC has exclusive access to.

When asked how he would describe Don, Makhlouf replied, “The best there is. Don goes beyond the usual ethics required at work and makes sure to bring more to his company, colleagues, and collaborators than most. Not only because he is skilled and innovative, but also because he wants to share with others.”

PEC is comprised of brilliant minds, innovative spirits, and compassionate souls, and now, we can add a hero to the lineup. Don, from everyone at PEC, you, are appreciated, admired, and we are lucky to have you.