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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, analyzing, and presenting data. The end goal is to make your job easier, more efficient, and allow for more informed decisions. Depending on your needs, PEC’s GIS professionals can do the following or set you up to do it yourself…

  • Data Collection and Management

    CADD to GIS conversion, asset database creation, asset data collection, asset data collection using GPS, field collection apps and forms
  • Data Management

    Online data hosting, tracking changes over time, simple updates, live sync, automatic uploads
  • Data Analysis

    Spatial analysis, cost analysis, routing, site evaluation and selection, risk mapping, buffering, hot spots, city planning
  • Data Access and Decision Making

    Public- and/or internal-facing, online and offline access, Dashboards, StoryMaps, overlay mapping, infographics

Deep Dive into Data

GIS reveals deeper insights into data and provides tools to communicate it

GIS is a database of information that ties all of the background data to your real world assets. GIS organizes and integrates many data sets from a variety of sources and departments into visualizations using infographics, maps, and 3D scenes. With this unique capability, GIS reveals deeper insights into data such as patterns, relationships, dependencies, and situations. Dynamic tools simplify the presentation of all the information in a highly-visual, easy to understand format. Staff, elected officials, and the public are equipped to make more informed decisions.

Let us help you move your data into the 21st century with GIS by replacing paper forms with ultra-efficient, map-driven apps, and forms for your smartphone or tablet. While in the field, you can record, photograph, and video countless observations and sync the data automatically using apps like Collector, Survey 123, or QuickCapture for tasks such as code enforcement, building permits, and erosion control compliance. All data across departments is stored on a single platform, no more silos.

From tracking work orders and staff assignments to optimal routing, GIS can increase operational efficiencies too. Seamless integration of ArcGIS apps make sure the right worker goes to the right place with the right tools to do the right job. Dispatchers and field workers have real-time awareness and access to the same data for increased productivity and efficiency.

Another opportunity for your GIS data is community engagement. The public can view CIP projects, report street light outages, identify the location of a loose dog, or choose the preferred location for a new park. Accessible on all connected devices, the StoryMaps app is an excellent tool to present project information data or create a map tour to help visitors explore a district and/or discover, find, and learn about attractions.