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Street improved to accomodate city's growth

Topeka, Kansas has seen its suburbs grow rapidly in recent years. As a result, what was once an unimproved stretch of roadway in the far southwest part of town had to be improved to meet increasing urban demands.

PEC completed Topeka's 29th Street improvements from Urish to Wanamaker. 

From county road to urban thoroughfare
Improvements included upgrading the street from two lanes with an open ditch to a five-lane roadway with curbs and gutters.

The intersection at Urish was expanded from a single-lane to multi-lane roundabout. Mike Stewart, PEC's project engineer observes, "The multi-lane roundabout was a great application for this intersection because of the high volume of left turns that happen there. Multi-lane roundabouts aren't that common—the city's approach is very forward-thinking."

First LED street lighting in Topeka
Stewart is pleased PEC's design also introduced Topeka to the use of energy-saving LED street lighting. "It was the first time they used LED lighting. Since then, they've requested it on other street iomprovement projects," Stewart said. "It's not only economical, but people tell us the light is more uniform—just better."


Aesthetic details integrated
Care was given to make the roadway attractive as well as functional. Light poles were upgraded, power lines were buried and rock retaining walls were incorporated into the design.

Stewart concludes, "We were very happy with the way this project worked out. It not only looks great, but will serve Topeka very well for years to come."